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Take advantage of my years of experience delivering sensational reiki sessions to Hatfield, Hertford & Welwyn Garden City and beyond. Book an appointment today.

Tune into the universe's energy

For those suffering from aches and pains, feelings of stress and anxiety, or other issues that are impacting their wellbeing, reiki can work as a gentle treatment that could help to address the cause. From the head to the toes is a channel of energy that flows through the body. When this channel becomes 'blocked' and the natural flow is interrupted, clients can experience disruptions within the mind and body. As your practitioner, I am here to help clear the way by drawing on a higher energy force. 

Following treatment, many clients report feeling calmer with improved sleep and even less pain. However, every experience and result is completely unique. Simply open up your mind and your heart to this exceptional treatment and discover if it could work for you.

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Reiki: About

What is reiki?    From £50 for 60 minutes

Originating in Japan, reiki is a holistic therapy that has been used across the globe for centuries. Using hands-on healing, reiki practitioners connect with the universal energy and transfer this to you, helping to promote emotional and physical healing. I offer this as a mobile treatment across Hatfield, Hertford & Welwyn Garden City

What does the treatment look like?

During our session together, I will hover my hands over various points on the body, including the head and feet, to encourage a natural flow of energy. You may feel warmth, a flood of emotion or other sensations, all depending on the blockages that we may be trying to free. My clients are usually clothed during reiki, unless combining this with another treatment such as massage.

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"Great massage from the lovely Maria. Highly recommended. Thank you."

- Sam J

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Promote your energy flow with Maria Beauty

Whether you've experienced reiki before or are new to this outstanding therapy, call me on 07930 453922 or 07432 029927 to find out more. Alternatively, you can contact me to book your next session in Hatfield, Hertford & Welwyn Garden City

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